Vendor Pricing

Vendor pricing is pretty straight forward, we have no hidden fee’s on any of your transactions.

You are responsible for and required Taxes and Shipping generated by your sale.

Our commission is 3% of your sale. Lets say you sell an Item for $30 our commission would be 90 cents. We also charge our vendors a 2% PayPal or a 2% credit card transaction fee, depending on which payment method is used. We have no control over the transaction fee’s those are dictated by our payment providers.

In turn we provide you with an easy to set up store or sale sale platform, on a dedicated hosted server, you will have an online store without the hassle of having to build it yourself.

No hassles like the big Auction Sites, with our reduced cost we would like our vendors to provide better pricing to our buyer community. We are a niche market and hope to provide you with the service and results you expect.

Buyer Pricing

The use of this platform for our buyer community is 100% Free.