Seller Integrity

Seller acknowledges and agrees to Conditions of Sale ( Posted or Announced) upon award of bid at Blitz Auctions.

-All Items listed for sale or auctions will be represented correctly.

-All Items listed for sale or auction will have an authentic photo of the item in the listing.

-The Seller agrees to respond to all correspondence from bidders and buyers with factual     information regarding the item in question.

-Sellers will utilize PayPal for transaction’s, this solution provides Protection for Buyers and Sellers.

-The Seller will list all known faults of his listing.

-Items may be added or deleted from sale or auction by the Seller, without nefarious intent.

-Invoice or winning bid notification is to be considered the Bill of Sale.

-The Seller agrees to complete the sale or auction once listed on Blitz Auctions and not to circumvent the selling or bidding process of a listed item.

-Sellers that repeatedly place false Listings will be removed from the site and blacklisted on various social media outlets false Sellers may be subject to litigation for damages from the effected buyers and Cogent Radios Group LLC D.B.A Blitz Auctions.

-Sellers using Blitz Auctions agree to the terms set forth.

Your cooperation is required, expected and appreciated. Thank you!

Frank “Blitz” Sellers

Blitz Auctions